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At lets crush it we crush things with tanks, that is it - nothing else.  We find things to crush or people send them to us for crushing, we then select an appropriate tank for the job and go about the business of completely destroying it.  We will crush almost anything so contact us to find out more and get involved.

Letscrushit.com is a website entirely dedicated to the niche market of crushing things with tanks, military tanks that is.  We find items to crush (the beauty of ebay) or people send stuff in and we crush that.  The tanks are a bit more complicated, we use a number of individuals within the UK who privately own tanks and are happy to get involved in our path of destruction.  Once the item is selected we look at what we think is the most appropriate tank for the job and get down to the business of destruction.  We will crush most however do have a policy of not crushing people (or representations of people), flags or religious symbols.  All of the items that we crush are fully recycled, and in terms of the cars they are sent away for professional recycling and a destruction certificate is issued.

Letscrushit.com is the brainchild of Tim Hawkes (the tank nut) and Rick O’Neill (The web design guru) who became friends and then saw an opportunity to spread the word of their slightly bizarre world.  The organisation is based in Northamptonshire, the middle of the United Kingdom and uses tank owners from all over the UK.  We are always on the look out for tank owners and people who want to crush stuff.  So get in touch if you want to find out more.

visit our site: www.letscrushit.com
or email us: info@letscrushit.com